Attendance Line

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TO REPORT AN ABSENCE: Please call the appropriate school to report your child's absence. For the junior high call (815) 744-6166 ext 105. For the elementary school call (815)744-6166 ext 103. Please remember to include a reason for the absence. Students who have been to a doctor's appointment may be required to bring a note from the doctor when they return to school.

STUDENTS WHO ARE TARDY: Please remember to accompany your child into the appropriate school and sign him/her in. Junior high students need to be signed in at the junior high office, and elementary students need to be signed in at the elementary office. When signing in, please write the students name in and the specific reason for the tardiness for State reporting purposes.  Thanks in advance. Please keep in mind that every time a student is late, they are missing valuable class time. Missed class time means missed learning time.