• District 88A's Open Enrollment Dates | August 1st - August 31st

    The annual Open Enrollment/Switch Enrollment Period will be held during the month of August. This will be the only opportunity for you to make changes for yourself and eligible dependents. You may drop coverage for dependents only or yourself and dependents. You may also request coverage for yourself and dependents if coverage had previously been waived by the employee and the employee did not qualify for coverage under a Special Enrollment event as allowed by HIPAA legislation. 


  • Employees cannot make changes to their benefits outside of the open enrollment period unless they have a qualifying "life change" event. You have 30 days from the effective date of the life event to make changes.

    Qualifying Life Events:

    • Birth or Adoption of a Child
    • Marriage / Civil Union
    • Loss of Non-District Insurance
    • Gain of Non-District Insurance
    • Divorce / Legal Seperation
    • Death of a Dependent