Employee Documents

  • Internal Business Documents such as:

    • Employee Calendars
    • Forms
    • Timesheets
    • Other

    can be found in each Employee's "Shared drives" within their Google Drive (To access, please make sure you are logged into Google with your D88A.org account). Additional documents, not yet digitized, are located in the business office.


  • To access your check stub, login to Skyward Business (Different from your Student Gradbook verision of Skyward) with your login credentials. If you have not yet received a Skyward Business Employee Access email/invite, please contact Richland's Business Office to request one.

    Once logged into Skyward, you should be able to navigate to the top right menu open it up and select Payroll>My Check History. Within this screen you'll see all payroll payments made to you. On the left side of each payroll is a dropdown arrow. If you click it, it will say "print check stub". Click "Print Check stub". A new window will open. Click "Next" from the upper left side of the new window, followed by "Print Check Stub". Your check stub will open as a PDF and you can then either download it or print it from that document.

    If you have questions, please contact the Richland Business Office for further assistance. We are here to help.


  • If you have questions, please feel free to call, email, or stop by the Business Office for help. Mr. Robb & Mrs. Smith are happy to assist.

Business Office Staff