• Remote Learning
    Richland School District 88a

    To learn more about the recommendations from the Illinois School Board please read this document: Remote Learning Plan
    To help support your child, our teachers have created daily/weekly lessons on their webpages, Google Classrooms or on ClassDojo.  Below is a list of the district online applications and instructions on how to log into them. If you are having difficulty logging in any site, look below for assistance.
    Chrome Icon You do not need a Chromebook to do the assignments. A computer with internet access and the Google Chrome browser will work, too. We highly recomend Google's Chrome broswer because many of our classes use the Google apps, and the Chrome browser is compatible with the Google apps. Also, some of the instructions below require your child to be logged into Google.

    >>If you are using a personal computer, read and follow the instructions in this document first: Logging into Google  Spanish document: Como acceder a las aplicaciones de Google desde una computadora en casa


    Google Gmail K - 8

    We use Gmail. You can go to https://mail.google.com/ and click on Sign In.  The student's Gmail credentials are the same as his/her Google account. Students can only email people within the d88a.org domain. We opened this up so that they can email their teachers. It is not to be used for gossiping or bullying. Just like if we were in school, please report any bullying and it will be dealt with by our administration.

    Google Classroom

    Google Classroom 3 - 8

    Some teachers will be using Google Classroom to posts assigments for their students to do. Students can either go to https://classroom.google.com/ or click on the Classroom icon under the grid button on google.com's homepage. Here is a document explaining more about Google Classroom: Link
    Google Classroom Icon


    ThinkCentral GoMath Grades K - 5

    Click on this exact link -- ThinkCentralIt will direct you to the Richland ThinkCentral login page. 
    You should see your child's Name and login account. 

    ThinkCentral Login
    Click on it. You should now be logged into ThinkCentral.
    ThinkCentral Go Math Help Documents --   Mrs. Zaborowski created a ThinkCentral Support document to help parents navigate through the site. English version: Link  Spanish version: Link

    Holt McDougal Online Math Grades 6 - 8

    Click on this exact link -- Holt McDougal OnlineIt will do a quick redirect and automatically log your child into the site.
     Holt McDougal Log In  


    Benchmark Universe Grades K - 5

    There are a few steps to this, but after you do it once you will not need to again, if your child is logged into Google or using a Chromebook. Click on this exact link -- benchmarkuniverseIt will direct you to the Benchmark Universe login page.
    Click on the "Log in with Clever" button.

    Benchmark Clever Log In

    It will take you to the Clever Login page. Click on the "Log in with Google" button. You should now be logged into Benchmark Universe.

    Clever Login

    You will get the screen below and will need to click on your child's username. After that, they will be at the student's Benchmark screen.

     Google Sign In


    My Perspectives Grades 6 - 8

    Click on this link -- Pearson Realize. It will take you to the Pearson Realize log in page. Your child will use his/her Google account username and password to log in.

    Pearson Realize Log In


    STEMscopes Grades 6 - 8

    Click on this exact link -- STEMscopes. It will direct you to the special STEMScopes login page for Richland students. Your child will use his/her Google account username and password to log in.

    STEMscopes Log In

    Multiple Subjects

    MobyMax Grades 1 - 6

    Click on this exact link -- Clever.com It take you to the Richland School District 88a Clever log in page. Click on the "Log in with Google" button.
    Clever Login  
    This will take you to your child's Clever page. Click on the "Just You"
    Clever Favorites
    You should see a few listed web programs. Click on the MobyMax icon.
    Clever List
    You will briefly see an animation of a pencil writing in a book and then it will switch over to your child's MobyMax page, with a list of lessons.

    If you still cannot log in, contact 88ahelp@d88a.org. If your child does not remember his/her login, please email 88ahelp@d88a.org with your name, your child's name and his/her birthdate.