• Mission, Vision & Goals
    Guidance from the Richland School District 88a Board of Education


    To develop the whole student through a community effort focused on excellence in education, values, and enriching opportunities.


    To be a premier school in Will County.



    INVOLVEMENT | All stakeholders (students, staff, parents, seniors, city officials, business) are invited to participate.

    PARTNERSHIP | Working together to support our MISSION and VISION.

    COMMITMENT | Maintain and recognize dedicated service.


    TRANSPARENCY | Provide and share information with stakeholders so all have the information they need to be successful.

    MECHANISMS | Develop ways to increase two-way communications and ways to get our message to our community.

    RELATIONSHIPS | Working together towards common goals to fulfill our MISSION and VISION.

    Teaching & Learning

    QUALITY STAFF | Recruit, hire, train, and retain staff that shares our values and will help us achieve our MISSION and VISION.

    CURRICULUM | Develop a well-articulated and aligned curriculum to meet the needs of all learners.

    STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT | A framework for assessing and measuring student success will look at more than “one-score”.

    Safe Learning Environment

    FACILITIES | The physical plant and grounds will be maintained to ensure health and safety for all.

    SECURITY | Plans will be implemented and updated to ensure that students and staff can work and learn together in a secure environment.

    WELL-BEING | Curriculum and practices will be established to address the health, social-emotional, and behavioral needs of our students.


    STEWARDSHIP | We will use our existing resources wisely to support the programs that best meet the needs of our students and community and will be transparent and provide information to our stakeholders.

    REVENUE ENHANCEMENT | We will actively seek and support ways to maximize revenue streams that are in line with our MISSION and VISION and those which will not overburden our residents.

    NEED-BASED | Financially support the programs we have determined will assist us in achieving our MISSION and VISION.