• Technology is an essential part of any successful school district. Not only has it become a crucial tool for learning, but it impacts the daily operations of a school district. School lunches, security, communication and testing are all managed with technology.

    With the increase of instructional technology Richland teachers have the ability to differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all students. Technology has allowed our students to have video conferences with experts throughout the country and virtual field trips to places unreachable in the past. It has allowed for enhanced communication and collaboration between staff, teachers and students.

    The technological demands required by the district and our students do not remain static. Hardware continues to age, requiring repair and replacement. New or improved software and web applications require more powerful computers to run them. The increase of devices on the district network requires more bandwidth.

    The purpose of the Richland Technology Department is to provide maintenance, training, and support for all of the district's instructional and operational technology.