Curriculum & Instruction

  • ELA (K-5)

     Benchmark Advance creates independent readers and writers.  The skills spiral through each unit so the students are exposed throughout the year to expose the students to all the grade-level standards. The program uses a gradual release method. Click Benchmark Advance for more information.  


    ELA (6-8)

    My Perspectives is used for our 6-8 grade students.  It takes old texts and makes them relevant while covering the standards and making sure that students are able to compare different sources.  This resource also uses performance tasks to make it more engaging than a traditional textbook.  Click My Perspectives for more information.  


  • K-8 MATH

    All students in Richland School District 88a use Go Math! as the resource for math.  This allows for continuity throughout the grade levels.  The teachers are able to do more vertical articulation and we can better align our students with the standards.  Go Math! has many options available for differentiation and reteaching as well as online support.  Click Go Math! for more information.  


  • Science & Social Studies

     Science is taught K-8 grade.  Kindergarten through fourth-grade teachers use a variety of sources to teach science.  Please contact your student's individual teacher for more information.  

    5-8 grade students have science every day and use a program called Stem Scopes.  Click Stem Scopes for more information.  


    Social Studies is taught district-wide as well.  Please contact your student's individual teacher for more information.