• Medication Authorization

    If your child requires medication during school hours, a Medication Authorization Form is required. 

    • A new form needs to be submitted each school year.
    • Your health care provider will need to complete the top portion of the form.
    • You, the parent/guardian, will need to complete the bottom portion. 
    • Each medication requires its own form. 
    • No medication can be given without a current and complete medication authorization form. 
    • If your child has asthma, food allergies, etc, an Action Plan needs to be completed by your healthcare provider and submitted to the school. 

    Asthma Action Plan

    Food Allergy Action Plan


    The School Nurse will be available 2 weeks before the start of school for medication drop offs.  Please call or email her prior to dropping medications off since her hours may vary:

    Jane Ellison RN, BSN

    Richland D88a School Nurse

    Phone: (815) 725-8391 ext. 3109

    Email: jellison@d88a.org